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Before and After Slider (Drag) for Multiple Images in Slider

Hi guys ! First time question here and have no idea to expect but I’m excited to see what happens…

I’d like to be able to to create the effect you’ll find using this link, but for multiple images in a slider:

Here is the desired design if it helps to visualize what I’m after :

Any ideas or any help from someone that’s done this before ?

Thanks so much !


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Welcome to the community!

Have you experimented with including the code from the linked thread within a Slider Element? I haven’t tested this myself but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work so it’s worth giving a shot.

I’d imagine you’d get some iffy UX here with the two elements both allowing for clicking and dragging as an interaction, however you can disable swipe gestures to ensure that visitors can only change the slides by clicking the arrow icons.