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Before and After Photos side by side pulling from a CMS Collection?

I’m working on a website for a client at work, and we need to showcase before and after photo’s under different treatments for the medical field. We don’t want to do a slider but simply have two photos side by side? I’ve been researching and am not finding anywhere that this is possible. Anyone have an information on this?

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Hi @JacobOlenick could you share more details? Because if you want to place two images side by side from the CMS, just create a collection with the before and after images separately. And the display them within a CMS collection item with two different images.

But that doesn’t seems to be your question right?

Hello Carlos, I tried that method and it doesn’t work. I’m unable to share the link due to NDA agreements. You’d think you would be able to add to images from two different fields in the CMS but when I add the after photo is doesn’t display on the page it makes it disappear.

@JacobOlenick is the image linked to the background or a container or the image itself?

they are linked inside of a div