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Before/after sliders for a novice

Hi there, I’m brand new to Webflow, and have been searching around trying to figure out how to replicate this feature in webflow not using code at all…

I found this video which he steps through doing it but its not in english.

I’ve imported similar into Webflow but haven’t been able to figure out how I would replicate the imported example.

Has anyone got such a resource that steps through making these before/after sliders in detail as per the youtube video?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


Do you mean something like this?

Yep definitely like that.

Oh, awesome then. Can you learn from the read-only and then get in touch with me if you’re not sure of something?

Here’s the read-only:

There’s no other scripts or anything else. Just the good ol’ Webflow

Hey Jeandcc, sorry thats where I’m stuck, I have imported examples of what I want into Webflow but as yet don’t understand how to understand how they’re done, therefore can’t replicate it. The youtube clip takes one through step by step, which is what I was after, only its not in english so I was wondering if someone else had something similar in english that would guide me.