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Basic Breadcrumb Navigation - Can it be done?

Hi everyone

I’m new to Webflow so I’m learning as I go along. I’m currently reproducing my current site in Webflow and am doing well with the exception that I can’t seem to work out how to create a simple breadcrumb navigation like can be seen on my current sites pages, an example would be Name, Logo, Concept Testing | SAME-DAY RESULTS | 19/07/2021 (see 3rd section in lime green).

I’ve searched the web and can only ever see a tutorial in relation to e-commerce breadcrumbs which I don’t think is directly applicable… unless I’m getting the wrong end of the stick with that :wink:

Basically, all I need it to do is have 3 breadcrumb links, the 1st will always be ‘Home’, the second will the sub-navigation e.g. ‘Services’ or ‘Blog’ etc, with the 3rd breadcrumb being the link to the actual current page that the user is on.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as it’s my only stumbling block.

Thank you

Stephen (UK)

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Yeah, it’s pretty easy to do. Just drag in 3 text-links (Text Link | Webflow University) into the lime green container. And give each of them an URL.
Then, under the interactions panel, create a new element trigger (On mouse click). Create it such that when “Our Services” is clicked the “Name Testing, Test Logo, Concept Testing” breadcrumb is hidden. And similarly create another mouse click element trigger such that, when “Home” is clicked “Our Services” is hidden.

This should probably solve your problem.
If you feel I’ve missed something, feel free to ask me for help!
Cheers! :blush:

Thanks Puneeth but I need a ‘dynamic’ solution as I have a lot of pages, looking at this it would mean I would need to edit them all individually, and then obviously if/when url/site structure changes are made in the future these then have to update to represent that.

Yeah, I guess my solution is not scalable. I suggest you look into adding custom code then. That’ll definitely work! :slightly_smiling_face: