Basic API help — POST / PUT

Hi there,

This may be a pretty basic question, but I’m fairly new to programming and using a APIs like Webflow’s. I’ve search the web high and low, but struggling to find help with this adding and updating my CMS using the API. I have a good understanding of the developer page, but still unsure what I’m doing incorrectly. So I have 2 questions:

  1. I’m using Postman and trying to get POST requests working for my test collection (which of course, I’ll be using on my main collection). I’m trying to create an item in my collection list, but I keep getting the following error below.

  2. And my second question is, could you also then please explain how I then update an item using a PUT request?

POST request —

“email-address”: "TEST@EMAIL.COM",
“_archived”: false,
“_draft”: false,
“name”: “AAAAAA”,
“slug”: “test-name”,
“updated-on”: “2019-09-12T19:46:40.667Z”,
“updated-by”: “PersonXXX”,
“created-on”: “2019-09-12T17:46:40.667Z”,
“created-by”: “PersonXXX”,
“published-on”: null,
“published-by”: null,
“_cid”: “XXX”,
“_id”: “XXX”


“msg”: “‘fields’ is required”,
“code”: 400,
“name”: “ValidationError”,
“path”: “/collections/COLLECTION-ID/items”,
“err”: “ValidationError: ‘fields’ is required”

Thanks in advance!!

Here is a post adding a new item.


Here is an update.

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