Background Videos Aspect Ratio responsive

Hello everyone

I am totally new to Webflow and so far very happy.
But I can not understand how it is not possible to have an easy way to get the background videos to keep their aspect ratios through all devices.

I already tried different things I found on the forum, as the padding-top hack with the 56%.
This works fine, but only for desktop.

So I think I am missing something.

I have a paid Vimeo Account so if it would be possible to get the vimeo video to play as background video this would be an option for me too.

But really without any single control.

Is the Webflow working on any improvements on this? Really as Video is one of the most important things in webdesign I can not undertand why this is not solved by Webflow natively…

Looks like WebDev listed a solution here and Pixel Geek recently added a new approach.

Thank u! Unfortunately it did not work for me. But I found another solution: For all who are facing the same problem: Streamable let’s you import videos easily and they stay responsive in the right aspect ration. Hope this helps others, too.

Cool. Bookmarked :+1:

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We should just be able to use the Vimeo API and <video> though rather than yet another third party to get to do what we need to.

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