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Background video resizing/cutting off


So I am using a background video and its cutting off half my video

Is there a way it can start to ‘shrink’ the video so it always fits centred?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]

Hi @Adam_Wright - it looks like you have a few different background videos on this site; can you confirm which one you’re referring to in your post and when the bg video is getting cutoff (on mobile for example)?


Hello @myonke referring to the 3 vidoens on the home page they are cutting off on all View ports


Hi @Adam_Wright,

I am still a little confused on what you’re after here haha sorry. Are you saying you want the background video container to keep the same size ratio as the video so the entire video is always viewable instead of it being a square for example on desktop view?

A few things on Webflow’s default BG video element too:

  • The height defaults to 500px unless you set a height
  • On mobile devices, the background video will change to a static image taken from the first frame of your video

Hi @myonke Sorry not very good at explaining see this demo the top 3 videos cut off and the one underneath show the whole video

if this was an image I could just resize the div block so it fits the whole image hope this makes more sense