Background Video not working in Safari

Hello! I use background video block in my design. In Google Chrome — correct rendering. Safari make white overlay. What is it? How to fix it?


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I notice it too

Somehow when I pass the black value of the gradient to white, I get almost the same thing in chrome.

How are your overlays and texture defined?

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Yeah, i delete gradient overlay and Safari visible it’s ok. But I need a gradient! How to be?

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Maybe try this:

put a DIV overlay on top of the video (absolute position etc)

Put the gradient on it.

Simply said: don’t put the gradient AND the texture on the same element.

You can also try to start by testing the same that you have now but with the texture over the gradient.

Ok. Probably was incorrect gradient. I uninstalled and re-made. It worked! Excellent thank you!

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Great! That was very weird indeed…

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