Background video doesnt allow nav items to be clicked nor for "hover" to work

Hi there,

Seems I am having an issue similar to one posted on the forum before. Unfortunately, no answer was given on how to fix this issue before. This issue is as follows. When I add a background video and keep a static div that has nav links and social media site links my hover effect that highlights the nav items is disabled and I cannot click the menu items. However, when I scroll further on my page past the background video I regain all lost functionality. When the background video is not in back I can once again use my hover effect that highlights my nav menu items and also click my nav menu items. I have linked my site below and attached screenshots to show the issue. I am fairly new to web flow so assume this is a solvable issue and not a bug. Thanks in advance for the help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Try giving .top-nav-3 a z-index of 999. Should resolve the issue.