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Background Starting Zoom position help

Ok so I have set up the query.parallax.js effect and it is working great on my homepage image. the only problem is I need the image to start slightly zoomed in so when someone is using the mouse which effects the background it doesn’t show the edges of the image.

Im a noob with code so i tried increasing the width and height to 102% but obviously this is causing the background to effect the page.

I need to find a solution for making the background zoomed in so the effect looks cool but that the background image doesn’t effect the page.

Any help would be amazing :slight_smile:

Share link to read only site

Hi there,

Could you please update your post with your sites read only link? And perhaps a copy of the code you used? How to Enable a Webflow Share Link



Thanks, I have uploaded the share only link. I actually followed the parallax.js tutorial video that was posted to get this effect working. As you can see though when in published mode:

When you move the mouse to the top and edge of the hero background you can see the edge of the picture. I need to find a way of setting the background picture slightly zoomed in to avoid the edges from being seen.

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