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Background Image not changing on all media types

I’m working on the “Una” template. I just changed my background on the hero unit of the default media type/viewport and noticed the background image on the other media types/viewports isn’t changing. Isn’t this supposed to happen automatically as per your tutorials?

I then took a small image and tiled it.The background images still didn’t change but the tiling property cascaded down to the other media types/viewports.

How can make the background images cascade down the media viewport automatically wiyhout having to manually change them for each viewport?

Default viewport -

tablet viewport -


@thesergie @danro some help on this issue please? I love your product and want to know what I’m doing wrong.

Hey @kiniadit, could you shoot us a troubleshooting link? You can either include it here (or via PM on the forums) or send a support request to and I can look into it.

We do have some background image bugs right now that we’re in the process of addressing, and sometimes its necessary to click on the ‘Image & Gradient’ blue link in your smaller viewport and hit ‘Remove this style’ to get it to cascade properly.