Background image issue: I figured it out

background image solution or possible bug question. Good afternoon. When I implement a background image to my website, add “fixed” image and then view it in the browser, all was fine. But when I’d took the image out and added it back again, viewed it in the same browser, the image is zoomed in. It’s set in, “fixed”, but zoomed in. Is there a solution? Or is this a bug? Thanks in advance.

For some reason the image was no longer in the center position on all pages. Weird, because I never adjusted the position from center. It affected all of the other pages. I’m still wondering if there’s a bug.

Can you post a share link?

You have to disable the class from the duplicated pages. That’s in the, “selector” area at the top on the left hand side, with the computer monitor icon. There’s an arrow that’s occupying the blue box next to the computer monitor, on the right. You select that and a small menu drops down to give you options on what you’d like to do. That’s how you prevent any modifications on the copied pages. Whenever you put in an background image that you want to cover the entire background. You have to hit the center selection below it where it states, “position.”