Background Image is only repeat on mobile

Hi Guys, somehow my background img is repeat on mobile version. But it looks find on preview mode and desktop.

For example, If I keep scrolling down, you can keep seeing the mountain as the background img.

Is there any way to fix it ? Thanks

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Neurocom


Yes, it’s odd how it’s working on preview and when I test it as mobile on my desktop, but I see the issue on iphone

I noticed the background is set to tile though, see the video clip below. In the read only I can’t test it but maybe try switching this to no tile republish and check again on phone. Best of luck.

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thanks @gar68. I switched to no tile but still no luck on my phone. On mobile, it didn’t behave the same on preview mode.

Thanks for your help anyway ! appreciate your reply

@jaysonhsiao - no problem, sorry to hear you’ve had no luck with it. Is there a reason for not setting it as “cover” and ‘fixed’ - you may need to crop your image to give the scale you want, but as I think about it this is how I would set up this kind of thing.

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thanks for your suggestion @gar68 definitely gonna find more suitable background image for that. I think I just forgot to set it to cover and fixed, thanks for letting me know

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