Background image breaking on phone but looks good in designer

Has anyone seen a similar issue? The designs looks fine in all breakpoints in the designer but if I open the website on my actual phone, it breaks. I have set a background image in the body class as fixed and contain, but on my phone it isn’t fixed.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Lawrence,

Can you share the link to the live site?

You have this line applied background-attachment: scroll!important; which stops the body’s BG from being fixed. Maybe by custom code on the projects custom code section?

I think that if you change the fixed BG from the body to a separate div it will work.

Hmm is there a way to remove that? I also tried using a div as a fixed bg, but for reason it either covers up things like a sticky footer or it pushes it down. Is there a good way to set a div as a fixed background that basically sits in the back at all times and lets content in front?

My footer is now covered up

Change the footers z-index

I tried that but it didn’t do anything :confused:

Trying my best to troubleshoot but what do you think is causing this white block blocking the bg I have? I turned all sections off and no classes assigned to the body but still nothing

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