Background Image at 100% VH doesn't Show

The Background Image doesn’t show up behind the Navbar even when the Navbar is sent to transparent and the BG image is set to 100vh. I have to use negative margin to get this to work and seems like a bad practice for this.
What am I doing wrong?

Here is my site Read-Only:


Because you’re using an entire image background, it may benefit you to remove the image element you have, and instead add a DIV block.

Adjust it’s positioning and add the background like below:


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Thank you. I see what I did. I added the image as an image from the Add elements and didn’t add the image from the style panel and the background area there. When I did that all was fine. I may have to adjust the settings later as I want this to be a vertical panel set up where the page scrolls vertically from one panel to the next automatically when you start to scroll.

I set the image to center and then added 100vw and 100vh and everything is good. I am trying to recreate a site and these kind of issues I haven’t run across yet. I am learning a lot and why I choose this particular site. I don’t ever build sites like these.

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