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Autoslide tabs behavior

Hey everyone!

So I’ve created tabs, got the content in, but now the request I got was that the client would like the tabs to auto-change every 5 seconds or so. They wanted something similar to this top slider but agreed to make current tabs (content) slide if possible -

How does one go about this? I haven’t seen this option anywhere. If I re-create this layout I have with Slider element instead, will I get the option of slider behavior that way and keep tabs click-to-show?

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Hey there Milan,
Good to have you back :smiley:

There’s this Webflow official stream, by Pixelgeek, which explains step by step how to create exactly this kind of slider/carousel.

Hope it helps

Oh, I just realize you want to have a Slider element inside a Tab menu element :sweat_smile:
Forget my last replay and let me think about that for a sec.

Hey! Yeah, I might have expressed myself a bit wrong. :smile:

What I’m looking for is a way to autoplay tabs (f.e. tabs switch every 5 seconds) and still have existing functionality of the current layout. Is this possible?

I think you have 2 options:

  1. Try to achieve this with simple divs and interactions. No Tabs or slider Elements (which are limited)
  2. Use an external plug-in such as Slick.js Here is an example