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Autoplaying and Embedding Vimeo

I’ve found out how to embed a vimeo video that autoplays and loops, but is there a way to do this via the CMS. I have a CMS collection that I would like a different video on each page, so wondered if there was a way to do this please?

Not sure if you still need it, but you can store the vimeo ID in the CMS collection and use it in embed code on the template pages.
So 1. Create a field in CMS (Plain Text field) where editors will add vimeo ID number (just the number, you don’t need the whole link).
2. Add to the page where you want to have dynamic videos “embed HTML” component .
3. Add to the embed HTML component the embed code from vimeo.
4. Replace the number with field from CMS (whatever you have the name for the field, my is ID)