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Automatic Language detection and page forwarding


I would like to add a j query to my header so that the website detects the browser language and redirects it to a specific landing page. For example i will make a totally different copy of my website with each language, Spanish, french, German, English. This way it still can be crawled by Google and i can set all the CSS sizing correctly.

Thanks for any help.

My rev 2 is at and is live. My new site (rev 3) is at



Maybe this is not the answer to your question but you can add scripts to your site´s header in the settings page.

Yes i’m aware of that but how would i go about doing that? I do not know how to code Java Scirpt

I dont believe there is a simple way of doing this in javascript. I is not as easy as detecting the browsers language. I would recommend a “choose your language” landing page with a dropdown menu which takes you to the correct version of your site.

This could help but as I said, it is not something simple.