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Auto height of parent not resizing for collection list in a grid

I regularly run into this problem and I hope someone can help correct my logic. When creating a collection list grid the parent of the collection list doesn’t resize vertically to the dynamic content of that collection list. So I end up with content in a collection list that spills out of the parent container and overlaps the next parent container in my layout. The parent height is set to auto-height. I’ve tried using divs, containers, and sections as parents and they all do the same thing. Can someone point out where I’m going wrong. As always any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hi @freshlesh3 I presume that you are referencing to your section 11, overflow is caused with you fixed width set on collection grid to 1440px and your parent grid is set to max-width 1440px.

Parent grid and its children never overlap until you manually will do so.

Thanks for the reply @Stan But I’m actually talking about height not width. Collection lists fill up a content area dynamically so I assume the height of the parent would be dynamic as well, but if you look at the collection list in Collection Section not Section 11 it only expands for a portion of the content and the rest spills over and overlaps the footer 2 symbol.

hi @freshlesh3 by CSS rules height of element is given by its content and can be adjusted with top and bottom padding.

@Stan I get that, but the height of my parent object only fills the content area of maybe the first row of a Grid. Everything else overflows out of it.

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:star_struck: :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: Thanks so much @Stan. I’ve been staring at this for hours and it was my simple mistake. Thanks for looking it over.

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feel free to close this request as solved