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Auto-detect darkmode

Hi there,
Safari Technology Preview 68 adds support for the prefers-color-scheme media query, which makes it possible to check wether dark mode is on or off in macOS 10.14

So I think it would be great if I could check this through Webflow and build my design in a lighter and in a darker style to match the look to the chosen mode on the viewers Mac.


Can you post examples on how non mac users cam reproduce Sifari darkmode?

Hey @DeepShader

Do you mean something like this? Votes needed. :+1:

This is a CSS spec so will not be limited to Safari. It’ll just take time, as always, for browser support to become universal.

You can see here, how it works and how it would be done:

Exactly that :smiley: Thank you! Vote +3 :blush:

Really good to know ^_^/