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ATM Machine Home Page on Website Disapeared


The home page on my ATM machine website completely disappeared.

You can use a backup and get your home page back. Hopefully without losing too many new edits/changes.

You have invalid custom code in your site or page custom code. I suggest fixing or removing the code.

See related: We’re going hands-off on custom code

@chuzzweb Reverting to an earlier version will NOT help.

Thank You. That worked. I remember seeing an email about this. I went into panic mode so it didn’t cross my mind that was the fix.

Thanks for the help

Webflow is the best !

When I try to read the entry about going hands-off on custom code I get a white page saying “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”. Any idea why that would be?

Not sure, I can still see it there

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