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Asking div to take 100% height of another div

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m having difficulties to set a div’s height to 100% of it’s parent div.
I know setting 100% height works when the height of its parent is set.

The thing is, the height of that “parent” div depends on the amount of text that it will contain.

My question is: can we ask a div (child) to take 100% of its parent div without setting the height of that parent ? I hope you understant waht I mean, attached are screenshots :slight_smile:

PS: The div child has the red background, its parent div has the yellow background.

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Problem solved, I somehow used another trick.
I grouped the two div into one container div so that nothing comes under the thumbnail div.

Still wondering if we can set the 100% height of a child object to match its direct parent ? :slight_smile:

Direct parent must have a height set in PX, otherwise, direct parent can be 100%, but the parent of it has to have a fixed height in PX.

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