Applying Current State to Section Links


I’ve searched through some existing topics but none appear to answer my specific question. Apologies if it has been answered elsewhere.

I am trying to apply a Current state to side navigation links that link to different sections in the current page. I’ve read that this is supported, but I’m not able to get the Current state to appear in the Selector dropdown for the links.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!

hi @MattRinehart and welcome. Be able to see current (green) you have to be on current page. So if you have menu on all pages let say HOME and ABOUT.

If you would like to see or modify current state of HOME page you will switch to HOME page and in menu select button (logo) that is a link to current page, identical approach will be for ABOUT page. You will switch to About page and on this page you will select link to this page.

So CURRENT state is accessible on CURRENT page. Hope that make sence.

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Hi Stan! Thank you for the reply.

However, my question is not regarding modifying the current state on links to entire pages, but rather to links to anchors (sections) within a given page.

After posting this I was able to see the current state apply to these section links when scrolling down the page in the Designer, but they do not seem to coordinate well with the actual anchor position on the page. Not sure what the cause is, but I think for now the answer is we’ll just forego the current state styling on these links.

Thanks again. Back to tinkering for me!

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hi @MattRinehart Sorry for misreading your request. As you have already figure out the section has to be in viewport to act as active to be able access a current state.

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Yep, that seems to be the case. Thank you again!

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