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Applying an alpha matte

I would like to use a round shape as a mask on my div.

The term from graphic design or animation is “alpha/luma matte”.
It’s when you’re taking a shape, applying it on your image and telling the programme to use the shape as a cropping mask, basically what’s not inside/under this shape will be cut out.

This example gif shows how alpha matte works:

I would like to create a mask of a circle, that’s animated to scale up and attach its animation value to the scrolling, then use this circle as a mask for a div.
My aim is to create this effect:

By scrolling, the use reveals the other style on top of the existing one.

Would this be possible to execute with Webflow?

Many thanks to all helpers :upside_down_face:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I second this. Would make my design a lot easier!

Can someone help with this please? Would also love to do something with the logic of alpha mattes