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Append Form Data to URL

Need the option to Append form data to URL so we can create personalised pages once the form is submitted.

Hi @smmj-

I’ve done some work with pre-filling form fields using URL parameters, but it takes some custom code / JavaScript. Are you referring to something like that?

Or are you talking about having the user submit form data that actually takes them to a different page, with some of the values they entered in the form added as parameters at the end of the new URL? If that’s what you are looking for, Webflow’s native forms can’t do that out of the box :-(.

Though you might be able to make something like that happen with some custom HTML and JavaScript and Embed objects in Webflow – to create your own Submit button which triggers the behavior you’re looking for.

That’s a little above my head, though. Maybe one of the JavaScript wizzes in our community have some ideas!