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Apostrophe attribute issue

Hi there!

We add on our website some custom code in the head tag to add interactive content but when we export the website, Webflow transforms our ’ in ". We have to manually change back the code to make it work. Is there a way to prevent this to happen?

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Here is my site Read-Only:

Are you sure you didn’t mean ', rather than ’ that you have typed? The curly apostrophe wouldn’t work in the code I think and will have to be changed to the straight.

Hey Dram,

That’s correct, I’m using a tool that gives me a script to copy paste in the header. This script looks like that:
<script data-who='💎 Made with 💎' src='' data-back='{"name":"whatever","environment":{"gradient":"horizontal","sensitivity":0.88,"colorStart":[255,255,255,0.99],"colorEnd":[255,255,255,0.99]},"particle":{"life":5,"power":0.02,"texture":"","number":2000,"colorStart":[122,0,174,0.18],"colorEnd":[0,18,136,0.33],"sizeStart":0.05,"sizeEnd":0.1,"direction1":{"x":100,"y":0,"z":0},"direction2":{"x":0,"y":-100,"z":0}}}' ></script>

When I export my website, ’ becomes " and the code doesn’t work anymore.

@cyberdave Hey Dave, can you have a look? Not sure what’s going on with export here.

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