Anyone looking for a remote gig? We are hiring a Webflow Front-End Developer

Hey everyone,

We are looking to grow the team and searching for the right person to join us. Full details and how to apply here:


This is a pretty cool gig (in my humble opinion). You’ll get given design files and be able to them into Webflow websites. It’s 100% remote and you’ll get to work with people who are experts in the field. We’re not worried about you having a flash list of acronyms that follow your name, we only want to see work you’ve done in the past.

A reasonable understanding of HTML + CSS is going to be required. You don’t need to be an expert, but you need to grasp core concepts of web dev to be able to build sane websites. If you’re good with JavaScript you’ll be straight to the front of the list, although this isn’t an absolute must have.

In terms of where this can go for you, we do a lot of work outside of Webflow too. Mainly in the React / Gatsby / Node.js space. If you’re longer term goal is to move into “real” dev then this could be a nice foot in the door with a team where you can grow.

Any questions feel free to message me :slight_smile: