Anyone have an idea how to recreate this effect?


I need to recreate this customers website and they want the interactions for the “slider” to be the same. How can I achieve this effect with the interactions?

@waldo do you have an idea?

As you can see here, it’s custom coded using jQuery.

Hi, I know this, but the interactions have so much to them that I’m sure I can recreate it, maybe not exact but it can be done I would just need help.

Hey @Quantumgo this can be done 100% with interactions and a parent container with overflow set to hidden.

The interactions would have to be on a loop.
So after say 1500ms first animation moves elements out, then the second animation starts 1500ms moving items in while the other element has a time delay set after it. And loop the animations to start one page load, after all assets have loaded. :slight_smile:

It just takes a few time calculations, and time delays but is 100% doable in Webflow :slight_smile:

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easily done with interactions - within webflow.

@waldo, great news! Would you be willing to help me do a step by step on this? You rock! :+1:

So I set them up on one big parent div and where do I start from there? Thanks so much again!

@waldo Hey any way you could help me with this?

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