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Anybody help with Nexus Template

Already posted about this in the ‘Need Help’ section.

Using this template:

But I can’t see how to trigger the white background alternate navbar (scroll into view) as I’ve removed the slideshow element which I think was triggering it.

provided link is dead… 404 page not found.

This one:

@Deni_1990 created this template so he’ll help you out soon. :slight_smile:

Hello @webdesignessex

First thanks for purchasing Nexus, please select a element (div, section etc to show the nav and go to Assest and select Show Nav, take a look to the image below. Will be good the element you will add the interaction to be in top.

Let me know if this help.

Thanks for that. Just tried it and it is on a section but the nav does not show when this section comes into view.

Instead it’s showing on the section below it.

I guess I’ll just add it to a section above and that should work OK.

Please can u send me the public link so i can take a look

How can I edit the scrolling menu? I can’t get it to show up while I’m in edit mode. Please help!!

Just replied in email about your problem :slight_smile: