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Any way to make horizontal scroll for mobile?

I am looking for the way to make the images, texts any layout horizontal scroll in mobile. I couldn’t way to make it happen. Any way to build it? Thank you

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Give Vincent’s template a try.

Seems like it’s sticky thou. I found a way to make it but need a custom code. I was wondering if there was a way make it happen without code.

Why wouldn’t sticky work for you?

Because it works with scrolling without touch or any other interaction which it’s not good for mobile

Sorry, was travelling, couldn’t reply sooner.

Yes, that makes sense. Then what you need is a simple overflowing container with content extending past its parent block. Then you can either hide the scrollbar that would apppear after setting overflow:auto on parent or leave as it is since on mobile there will be no scrollbar anyway, Kinda like this setup here

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hi Dram, Any idea if in the overflow container we have a multi image field? Somehow the container does not let it the multiimage-collection-list overflow (on scroll), only when the container is set to a fixed px width. But this is not useful since I need a container that adapts to the width it contains…