Any advice on how to setup a mega menu?

Hey guys,

I am interested in creating a mega menu for a website I’m working on. I’ve read through a few old documents but can’t find anything recent.

The only thing I found was a thread where Vincent created a sandbox but that’s no longer working.

I’m looking to create a menu where I hover over an item labeled ‘products’ which then displays a mega menu showing all of the products as opposed to a standard drop down menu.



Can you direct us to a functioning example or something close to what you want? Or post a PS mockup picture?


Hey Brian,

This is a similar example to what I am hoping to achieve:



I didn’t forget about you, but I’ll have to look at this over the coming weekend. I’ll clear my “lab” site and see if I can repro this mega menu. If I can, I’ll post it up.


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