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Animations not showing in browser but work in preview... WHY?

So my animation is working in the preview if you take a look at the link and scroll down to the “sustainability section” on the home page with the grey egged shaped thing that reveals an image.

Honestly, it’s kind of jerry-rigged together because I had to do it quickly, but why is it not working in the browser when published? I am probably ignorant about something here, but anything is helpful!

Here is my public share link: CLICK HERE

Published link that doesn’t work with animation: CLICK HERE

@bruh - the read-only link is 404ing.

woooooooooooooooooow) :grinning:

Sorry I created a new link since then here is the new one: CLICK HERE

Lol what are you woooowwwing?

@bruh - definitely has something to do with the move and scale transforms. I believe the mask is being moved out of the viewport so you are left with just white background.

@sam-g yeah you’re right. I’m just wondering if maybe there is a better way to execute this, instead of using transform animations? The goal is to reveal the image behind the oval mask, yet still, have it work on all browser sizes.