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Animation only works on the First Round

I have been following a tutorial on how to do some animations. I have copied everything down to the pixel yet my animation only works the first time I use it? I have had a similar problem on other sites I’ve made but am clueless why it keeps happening. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

How the animation works-
Its a simple animation where the menu is just a circle and it enlarges, a new menu button shows up, and then it shrinks back down to its normal size.

In the shared link mode, the button doesn’t seem to work either. However, when I am using the editor, it works fine?

Hi @Microtin12, thanks for your post, where you able to get this behavior working as expected? When I checked the read only link, the menu animation seemed to work on my end:

In read only link mode, you may need to press the preview button to go into design mode, then press the preview link again to re-initialize the interactions in the designer.

If the issue happens on the published site, could you please share the site published link?

Custom code is not rendered in the designer or editor, only on the published site, so if there some custom code issue, you might check the published site after removing custom code and republishing.

I hope this helps

Yes! I finally got it to work, it turns out I forgot to turn off the loop feature on the animation.

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