Animation on click and on scroll

Hi everybody

I am having problem to make an animation:
I want that when visitor is going to click / to scroll on my page it directly brings him to the second block of my page (my grid)
I did not find any topic about this, i am probably searching with the wrong words…
Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any informations

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Creating an element that scrolls to a specific area of the web-page is quite simple with the section id’s on the link block properties panel for a given element. Creating a fixed scroll location for a page, on the other hand, I’d imagine would require custom code. It’s probably not too difficult however and I’m sure that someone has done this in the past.

Thank you so much! And could you tell me how to define the speed of the going down click ? Because I have an animation and I want that people can see it better!
Thanks again!


Maybe this link can help you?

Hi @Hunter_Reynolds, I do not understand where i need to go to import this code: when i try to go to JS, Webflow CMS stop responding and I need to refresh the page to access the designer again…
Would you be able to explain me how to do please?
Have a nice day!


I haven’t implemented that code myself. You shouldn’t be experiencing problems while integrating custom code into your designer. You should go to the page settings to the /body section where you can add the code that you need.

Hi @Hunter_Reynolds,
is this here that i need to implement the code :

Thanks again for your time