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Animation occurs before section scrolls into view

Animation of elements in the block “NEW ARRIVALS” triggered before I scroll to him.

Look at the interactions panel - page scroll - first one - 10% offset. Change it to 80% for example and see the difference in preview mode…

Excuse me, please, I did not specify the name of the block. It’s a “NEW ARRIVAL”

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Help me someone! :sob:

Help has arrived! :sunglasses:

Let’s break down what’s happening here:

Your New Arrivals section — and really all of these sections — are reacting to the page being scrolled. The New Arrivals animation is occurring when the page is scrolled down 10%. That doesn’t work too well because you have to scroll down 40% of the page or so until you even hit the New Arrivals section.

But there’s a solution! Enter: Element Triggers.

STEP 1: Delete the offending trigger.

Under Interactions, find the New Arrivals page trigger. Delete it.

STEP 2: Create a better one.

Select the Second Collection div block (your New Arrivals section) and add an Element Trigger.

STEP 3: Define your action.

(When scrolled into view, Select Action >> Start an animation.)

You can now set your offset to 10% (or whatever you want — a higher number might work better here) based on when the section enters the viewport. Set it to trigger the New Arrivals timed animation.

STEP 4: Celebrate.

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Great thank you @McGuire !