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Animation is smooth in Safari, not in Chrome

This hover animation works great in MacOs Safari, but on Chrome it is very not-smooth.

The images are all svg’s but I don’t see how that would be a factor.

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1] Webflow - RushMadison

hi @Eric_Button it is looks smooth to me in all browsers.

Super laggy in Chrome for me too :frowning:

Any reason why you need these transforms for each of the image divs?


Yes it is a bit slower but still smooth I mean not choppy, or?

@Stan - it is pretty choppy on mine. Here is a quick screen record showing Chrome first and then Firefox. Does yours look different?

@myonke - that’s really bad. On my comp (mini 2012, i7, 16GB) is animation a bit slower but it was fine.

@Eric_Button to get consistency in performance across browsers you can start using JS libraries that are more reliable. In your case it can be for example Vanilla-Tilt-JS. Is very small with good amount of options.

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