Animating infinite tiling

Hello, I’m trying to animate an infinite tilling (repeated pattern image) as a background in the horizontal direction. I work as a surface pattern designer, so it would be really nice to show my images repeating in loop. Is it possible to make it without coding?

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I know I can tile it, but I’d like to move scrolling to the side infinitely.

You need custom code for that.

Is there a way to use a slider with a really soft continuous transition?

Webflow doesn’t have a continuous carousel, only a slider displaying one slide/one page of slides at a time.

actually I found a linear transition to the slider, which makes it flow really fine and continuous, but as I need it to go slowly (so that the details of the image won’t be missed), I need to set the timer delay with the same time as the total time in 10 sec, but then it also takes 10 sec for the image to start flowing as the site loads :confused:

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Did you ever figure out how to pull it off?

It would be great if there was a carousel widget and linked to CMS. I thought that ages ago there were going to be additional widgets added.

I’m waiting for the plugin marketplace so that I can make a few widgets like these

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