Animated SVG stops after page reloading

Hi all!

I have an issue with an animation in Chrome.

I’ve prepared the animation in Flow and exported it as SVG. When I publish my site, everything goes well, but whenever i hit refresh button in Chrome, the animation just stops. The only thing that triggers the animation is to resize a browser window.

Can anyone had the same issue? Is there any script that can trigger the animation constantly?

I have the same issue. Any answers?

I have found a solution to this. Dont use images which drop img tags in the html. Instead insert an embed html component. Basically lets you drop in some html. Inside that you want to add an object tag. Should look something like this.

<object type="image/svg+xml" data="url of your svg asset goes here. you can copy the link from the image library"></object>

Put all of this inside a <Div> that has your styling and positioning ect

Should work a treat.