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Animated Parallax Backgrounds?

Hi everyone! I’m a new user of webflow, planning to use it to design a personal portfolio site. I have a couple of design ideas in mind, one of which being animated parallax background.

For those who don’t already know, parallax means that elements of a page move at different speeds while being scrolled to give an illusion of depth. ( Example: )

I’m thinking of doing the same for my website, however instead of static elements, they are animated.
Is it possible to achieve the same effect as but with loopable video elements such as ( )?


This probably means that the animated elements can’t be video files because transparency is affected.

I don’t have a built site right now, but I hope this idea is possible!
Thank you so much for reading. If you decide to implement this idea to your website, do share it!

Hi @Deviousity

It is possible.
Here is an example of someone using alpha transparency in video.

If you have After Effects (which you’ll probably need (you can get a free trial)) here is a tutorial on how to render using alpha channel transparency.

For the parallax effect, check out this tutorial:

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Thanks so much for the resources!
Will try experimenting with webm. Cheers!

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