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Animate gallerybutton without efecting text block inside

Is there a way to animate a border on a gallerybutton in Tabs with out effecting the text block inside the gallery button.

Hi @Michael1,

would you have a read-only link to share with us and eventually some screenshot to better illustrate your issue ?

im trying to make my buttons work like the buttons for the image gallery on this site.

Create a Div, and place inside that Div

1 Text block and 1 Div to work as a line.

Create an interaction upon click: Affect the text block color and the “Line” to scale up

what about making the line disappear when you press another button considering that there would be several buttons in the same section most likely with the same class.

You can mess with the interaction triggers and set things to affect only the children of the trigger or vice versa

whaty id it doesnt just affect the line but the text in the divblock as well

my white line created from the DivBlock is in the GalleryButton with the Textblock which is in the Tabs Menu which is in Tabs. I have 12 GalleryButtons. What I need is to make the white line appear and scale up when I click the Gallerybutton with out effecting the text inside. When I click another gallery button I will need it to animate the same as the previous button while hiding the white line or scaling it down on the first previous clicked button from before.


Can you share a read-only please?

heres a link to my site

im trying to make the white lines in my gallery button work like the buttons in this lightbox gallery

its important to note that im using the Tabs to create my gallery or portfolio if you call it that

I’ll check it out. Thanks for sharing

ok thats amazing thanks.