AngularJS Question - How do I activate 'data-ix' animation on different view?


I am integrating AngularJS to my Webflow site, but I am stuck on activating an animation on a a different view.

I have a radio player div on my index.html ( hidden until activated by a button), but the button is on a different view ( main.html ).

Any AngularJS experts can help me out, how do I activate a ‘data-ix’ button to a different view?

<div class="launch-radio-button" data-ix="activate-goom-player">
      <div class="launch-radio-text">Launch Radio</div>

Seems like webflow.js does not work very well with Angular? Maybe? Any help would be great from the webflow staff.

We are getting the HTML and CSS benefits from webflow and using Angular JS but to do it we remove webflow.js after each export. Using github to track changes.

If you find a way to not cause conflicts please post back.
Haven’t spent the time yet figuring out how to solve it yet.

Today is my first integration webflow and AngularJS. I actually encountered the same problem. This entry appears as webflow.js is not loaded in the view. So I added at the end of my view<script type="text/javascript" src="js/webflow.js"> </ script> and it works!
Let’s hope it solves your problem.