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AngularJS Integration Help

In trying to integrate AngularJS into Webflow

I added an attributes to this single LI:

Name: ng-repeat
Value: person in people">{{ }} {{ }}

which should in this line of code (when exported)

<li ng-repeat="person in people">{{ }} {{ }}</li>

but instead… I’m getting this line of code:

<li ng-repeat="person in people&# 39;& gt;{{ }} {{ }}">`

I had to insert a space after the # and > symbols (above) in order to make it display in this post.

In the exported file… how do I make it make the ascii representation (character) instead of ascii value ?

forget it. I found a way around it.
At least for now… Angular is working.
Just had modify “the way I was injecting the Angular script”.

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