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Angular 2 Integration Problem

I have problem integrating Webflow codes with Anguler 2.

Since Angular 2 removes all script tags inside the template, I am using .angular-cli.json to import js codes. Importing web font part seems to be fine, but codes regarding “interactions” part is not working at all. I think webflow.js is not acting properly…

How can I resolve this issue? Please help me…


Sadly, I can’t help but I have a question for you. Is Angular 2 a worthy thing? I am now using vuejs mostly but after reading an article about angular 2 vs vuejs (click on this link to check it out), it seems to me that it would be a good idea to switch. Would you recommend doing that?

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First of all, thanks for the reply. Im really surprised. (it’s 2019 right?)

I cannot agree more. The only reason I used Angular was because of the school project. The professor decided to use it as a framework, which made me suffer throughout the whole semester…

Thanks for the tip. I really appreciate it.