Anchor Links won't close menu (tried all the fixes)

Hi all,

I have just published my updated site (be kind :wink: and I can’t get any of the fixes found when scouring the web for this issue with anchorlinks and menu close.

Basically the anchorlinks I have in the menu, when on that page, will not close the menu. Can someone please guide me on the correct fix for this, with my website?

Much appreciated and happy Christmas from New Zealand.

Live site -

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - 001.

Hey Hayden, merry Christmas from Auckland.
In general this is the solution I use;

$("a[href^='#']").click(function() {

Which I’ve documented here.

However in your case, you’ve extensively customized your menu with a lightbox-type effect and interactions. I can see you’ve tried a hard external URL redirect, and also that it’s not done the trick.

Your best option now is probably to add a bit of custom script so that when you click your menu item, the top-right close button is clicked, and then the anchor scroll is performed by script.

If you need some a dev to asst, fell free to PM me, I’m working through the holidays this year.