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I guess, the title says what I want :slight_smile: To be more specific, here is my setup:
Everything is set up with a CMS. I have a grid with small thumbnails. When I click on a thumbnail, a lightbox opens and shows the large image. In my CMS I have two fields, one for the thumbnail image and one for the big image (the media for the lightbox). I also have a text field for the ALT text in my cms and I want to add this to the media image, not to the thumbnail image. How do I achieve that?

For debugging please go to photography in the menu.


Here is my website:
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Could maybe somebody from the Webflow team tell me, if that is even possible without custom code?


@fhoelterhoff this is actually possible. Did you remove the image element from the lightbox? I had a look at your read-only link and that’s what it seems like. Here’s an example I made. The alt text setting’s right there when selecting the ‘image’ item inside the lightbox.

I deleted your lightbox on the photography page and added a new one. This time the alt-text option did appear

Hi Sarah,

sorry for my late reply. Thanks for taking the time to look at my site and help me out. Sadly, this is not exactly what I was looking for. Your solution sets the alt-text for the thumbnail, but I wanted it to be set for the big image, which is shown on the Lightbox stage. So I have 2 different images. I needed to set a small square thumbnail for my grid on the site and I added a big non square picture for the lightbox media. And for this I wanted the alt-text to be set. But I guess it is not possible with Webflow at the moment.

@fhoelterhoff ah, got it, yes that’s not an option at the moment. There were some updates released today to the lightbox but that’s not an option yet. I’m sure that’s going to be something for a future release. I’m pretty sure captions (to go below the lightbox) were mentioned as a work in progress on a previous livestream.

I just had a look at it and sadly it is not addressed with this update. Captions are one thing, but for SEO the ALT option would be great. Thanks a lot for your help and your fast responding! :slight_smile:

@fhoelterhoff you’re welcome. No, not this update. Still, I’m sure there will be more coming down the line. Webflow is always updating and improving :slight_smile:

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