Allowing visitor comments in a webflow blog

Hello! Good morning,
I have a client interested in developing a webflow page for him and he wants the blog section to have the possibility for visitors to leave comments.
I saw some integrations but they require monthly payment. I honestly don’t think it’s justified in this client´s case (an NPO) My question is does anyone have or could send me some embed code that I can install?
I will appreciate it very much.

As you are probably aware, it is not possible to do this without using an external service. One option you may wish to consider using is Disqus.

To use Disqus, you need to navigate to the page that corresponds to one of your blog posts and use the Webflow Embed element.

Disqus will provide you with the code that you need to embed, but note that the value of must be unique to each blog post. For example:



Hi thanks for your answer! Yep, I know about Discus, the problem is the same: montly payment :frowning:
I´d rather choose a one-time payment option or if someone has a link to a embed code already done.

You’ll run into this issue since hosting & dev cost money. It’s difficult to find a good free service, and in that situation it’s typically ad-sponsored or possibly data-mining oriented.

Logic isn’t yet quite capable of this yet because you cannot populate ref fields. You could capture comments, but not easily associate them to your blog articles.

If you really want to avoid using a service, your best option is to roll your own using and webflow’s CMS API to push comments into your Comments table, and reference your Blog post. More work, but you should do ok on’s free tier until the site gets very busy.

Note, you won’t have the key features of a commenting system, like-

  • Email validation
  • Spam prevention
  • The ability to review and approve comments

Unless you build those as well.

@Valeria10 There is a free version of Disqus, unless I am mistaken?

Thank you man!
I appreciate it :slight_smile: