Allow IX2 gif Interactions

Hey everyone,

How would I be able to play a gif image on hover?


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Using Javascript.

Actually, there’s one way to have the same effect using IX2, without custom code, by using the new Lottie feature. But you have to transform your gif into a json file using After Effect and that’s… not easy to do if you’ve never done it. Also the json is going to possibly weight way more than the gif in the end.

Lottie Animation Action in IX2 is basically a playback control action. It could support other formats exactly the same way, such as gif*, anpg, mp4… With such a playback control action you can play in loop on hover, or from a certain frame to another, play it backwards on hoverout, add easing to playback, have different elements that play different part of the gif on click etc.

  • gifs with a soft “g” only, gifs with a hard “g” can’t be recognized as an image format.

Thank you @vincent! Unfortunately I no longer have access to After Effects, but I do love the lottie functionality. I’ll find a way to get access to it again.