Advice on Recreating Alec Soth's Gallery Page

On Alec’s Gallery Page he has a GALLERY and INDEX button on the bottom left. Clicking them switches the gallery view.

Id love any thoughts on how to set this up.

Referenced Gallery Page

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hi @Dorrian_Hawkins it is simple approach. When you check this page with devTools you can see that "thumbnail gallery is on page but is only hidden and on click adding or removing class `is-visible.

You will need custom JS (very simple) add event listeners to both buttons to trigger this interaction.

@Stan Thanks for the reply! I haven’t a clue on how to do it, which means its time to learn. I’ll look into that!

Thanks again!

hi @Dorrian_Hawkins I have just created very simple example with code you may understand what is going on. It will work and you can use it. On their website they use swapping classes.

That is very kind-- Thank you.

You say “simple” but It would have taken me a week to figure it out.

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