Advance Slide on Scroll, Scroll Down After Last Slide

Hey everyone!
I’m working on a project where the top of the page features a full screen slider with 2 slides. We’re hoping for the slider to advance to the second slide on scroll, pause, and then when the user scrolls again, to advance to the rest of the page below.

I was able to use this great resource from @CJHersh (scroll-trigger-slider - Webflow)to accomplish most of what we wanted to do, but as you scroll to the second slide, instead of pausing for users to see that slide, it immediately advances to the rest of the page. I figured there’s probably one tiny code edit that would fix this, but I’m just terrible at coding of any sort. Any help you guys can give is greatly appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Rambler Sparkling Water

Here’s the published page so you can see where it’s at now: Home-V2