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Adobe XD Animation to Webflow Workflow

I have been working on building out various animations within XD and have become very comfortable building them out.

I am also fairly proficient in building out basic animations within webflow, but nothing complex where specific elements are animating independently of one another for example a hamburger menu that animates into an x on click.

Are there any courses or tutorials out there where you’ve seen someone build out animations in webflow from XD?

One idea I had was going from XD into after effects and then looking at creating lottie animations.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello @Danny_Dilworth could you export these as a lottie? Otherwise I can also recommend using something like Lottieflow, it makes it super easy to do something like this by just embedding the animation and then having a click trigger.

Let me know if that helps!

This is very helpful! Thank you very much I will dig into it.